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David J. Brown, P.E.
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New Wulff Architects Website

Wulff Architects have a new website. Multiple Cooke Brown projects are features including:

Diamond Green

Memphis Flats

Falls Center

Algar Ferrari Maserati



Buchi Residence Under Construction

Construction has begun on the 11,000 square foot Buchi Residence in Malvern, PA. The architect for the project is Studio Agoos Lovera. The contractor is O'Neil Properties.


GBCA Construction Excellence Awards

Congratulations to EP Guidi for winning the GBCA Construction Excellence award for Best Commercial Project under $5 million for the Renovation to 1619 Walnut Street. Click here for the GBCA page announcing the winners. It was a pleasure to work with EP Guidi, Wulff Architects, and BCJ on the project.


Damage from March 2011 Japanese Earthquake

This chart is from an article in the October, 2011 Structural Engineer magazine by S.K. Ghosh. Of particular interest in the article is the large difference in performance of buildings built before and after the 1981 code update.