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120 Mile Per Hour Wind in Philadelphia? Understanding the new IBC 2012 wind loads.

The adoption of IBC 2012 will change how wind speeds and wind forces are calculated. This significant change (up to 60%) will result in confusion and mistakes unless architects and engineers are on the same page. Cooke Brown is offering a free AIA approved HSW seminar explaining the changes, and providing tools to easily convert between the old and new systems. For more information or to set up a seminar in your office contact us by email or call 215.654.0105.

The one hour seminar will achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Review the basics of wind loads on structures.
  2. Learn about the changes to wind loads that are included in IBC 2012.
  3. Understand the importance of the IBC 2012 Risk Category for buildings.
  4. Specify wind load sensitive components with IBC 2012.

David J. Brown, P.E., principal at Cooke Brown will present the course.